With autumn comes lots of change. Some of us love that, others don’t. 

Perhaps instead of change startling us, we can approach the change with an opportunity for growth and awareness? It can be a challenging time for some for sure, but for me, I love the “change” as it’s always a reminder that everything is how it should be. And that’s comforting for me. This year I am particularly excited for autumn as I get to look forward to a trip to my native country, Norway. I will be given plenty of opportunity to sing while I am “home”, including lots of choral music (as part of a big anniversary/festival with The Norwegian Youth Choir), some solo singing / coaching with several norwegian vocal pedagogues, as well as a possible guest appearance for a church service in my hometown. I hope your autumn will be rewarding, filled with lots of room for growth. For you as a singer, as a musician and as a person in general.

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