Grieg In English

Edvard Grieg: “Songs from the Heart”

Melissa Holm-Johansen, Soprano

Stephen Swanson, Piano

Tracks and full album are available for preview and purchase on Apple Music:…/songs-from-the-heart/1541274660

Physical CDs are available here:

This all started with an idea from my friend and Grieg scholar Bill Halverson, to record Grieg in English. The recording took place in August. During COVID. Under challenging space conditions and frankly under much stress not knowing if we even would have a venue to record this music in, so to make our deadline. But we did. Here you have 25 of Edvard Grieg’s beloved songs. I am so overwhelmingly grateful for and humbled by the stunning work by my friend and collaborator Steve Swanson! For the incredible star production team of Matthew Culloton (producer) and John Scherf (sound engineer) and of course, the tireless work resulting in these beautiful new English “gjendiktninger” by Dr. Bill Halverson. Thank you to Norway House & Edvard Grieg Society for your support and trust. And a special thank you to Ethan Bjelland for the beautiful booklet cover and getting this work online!I’m grateful I can return to singing these timeless songs that continue to inspire, haunt and transport me time and time again.