If you don’t feel like it… sing anyway!

As I strap on my skis and take off down the path outside my apartment I’m reminded of how beautiful and magical this time of year can be, even though the Minnesota winter also comes with its share of treacherous driving, slick roads, lots and lots of snow and bitter cold. If I can remember to see the beauty in it, I seem to be able to cope with it better. I am sure that makes sense to all of you, and that the majority of you can agree with this notion.

My relationship to music and singing is similar in some respect. Some days it’s very hard to find the beauty and significance in what we do as singers…the saying “Some Days When You Don’t Feel Like Singing- Sing Anyway!”, might resonate with you? I love that quote. And it sums up completely how I feel sometimes. And more so, this time of year.

I wish you all a lovely rest of your February and a beautiful start to spring 2019!

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